The big MAC evicts all single men.

Peace be with you.

The multi-million dollar, chronic homeless case management warehouse, the MAC (Humboldt County, Multiple Assistance Center), gave all single males 30 days to get out. Like so much other “homeless help” the MAC boondoggle was envisioned, planned and built without an operating budget. After spending their recent quarter of a million dollar advance, MAC decided to throw out the homeless men who have no real help anywhere else.

So much for using that bullshit line, the one about “caring about the true homeless, but I had no right to live.” When the MAC opened it threw every non-profit, trying to help the homeless, in the area into a financial mess. Now the million dollar remodel is cutting back. I’m sure they thought getting in bed with the Mental Health department would be profitable, because Phillip Crandall claims 80% of the homeless are crazy enough to need reprogramming at the big MAC (he also claims 90% need rehab there).

If the sheriff or police needs a quarter of a million bucks to arrest the homeless, they get it. If the D.A.’s office needs a quarter of a million bucks to prosecute the homeless, they get. If the jail needs a quarter of a million bucks to incarcerate the homeless, they get it. If the probation department needs a quarter of a million bucks to keep the homeless easy fodder for the police and sheriffs, they too get it. But somehow through an insanely management heavy MAC staff, after putting those people on “meds,” we’re broke and the mere 16 homeless men they allowed in, are now out.

I guess it was all bullshit from the gate to obtain property for the local governance, just like the Arcata Endeavor. It’s wrong, we spend these millions of dollars to build places to help the homeless and leave them with nothing. Slavery is just around the corner – “Arbeit macht frei.”

love eternal


One Response to “The big MAC evicts all single men.”

  1. L. W. Heartson Says:

    yup. you called it.

    glad the plazoid is back!

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