We’re back

Peace be with you.

The secret password for this blogspot has reappeared. I know very little about blog administration. For instance, I have been taught that I don’t know how to remove mean, spiteful, comments. I do know that the measure with which you mete will be the measure you’re measured by. So if you want to lie and pretend your someone else: it’s your Karma.

Some things you should know are:

  1. If I call something a NAZI it is because it is the actions, the justifications or the rhetoric of the German NAZI party.
  2. If I call something “fascist” it is because it supports the corporate/police state/governance that is associated with fascists.
  3. If I refer to the “party” I am referring to the republican/democrat/green party which goose-steps in unisons with the status quo.
  4. If you don’t like what is written on this blog then find a blog you do like.

I hope to get back those writers who have no place to express their ideas and frustrations. Many topics that affect many Humboldt citizens are discussed or mentioned very rarely in other Humboldt media. It seems sometimes as if there is an agreement between media people to suppress or ignore certain topics. Hopefully we can broach those topics here. Have fun, play nice and research the truth for yourselves.

love eternal


4 Responses to “We’re back”

  1. theplazoid Says:


    This is a test


  2. tad Says:

    Peace be with you

    test again

    love eternal

  3. tad Says:

    Peace be with you

    test again, again

    love eternal

  4. tad Says:


    fucking computer test


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