Can we get this blog up and running?


6 Responses to “test”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    is comment moderation off?

  2. would-be heckler Says:

    yup, it’s off. Now, do you know how to erase nasty comments? You’ll probably need to!!!

  3. Kevin J. Hoover Says:

    just wanted to let you know how easy it is to impersonate others…see, i just type Kedgar J’s name in and the arcata eye webpage and spout off some inane jack-assery and >tadah!< it looks like the Hoov is on a rampage...or nick bravo, or "anonymous," or whoever....so be warned!

  4. the PLAZOID Says:


  5. the PLAZOID Says:

    this is a test of the system

    May Peace be with you

  6. Anonymous Says:

    What a good test it was.

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