Welfare and Roger Rodoni

by Jake Pickering

– Social Worker –

P.O. Box 3050 , Eureka , CA 95502

(707) 832-8005

– February 16, 2007 –

“I try not to say too much to an intellectual void.” – Roger Rodoni

According to the February 16, 2007 edition of The Times-Standard, as reported by James Faulk, 2nd District Humboldt County Supervisor Roger Rodoni’s recent speech to Eureka Republican Women was not only beyond hypocritical; it was incredibly insipid.

Roger Rodoni leases “a substantial portion of Pacific Lumber land since he first ran for the office in 1992… around 9,000 acres, including a house and a barn, and for it Rodoni paid only… $350 per month.” (www.northcoastjournal.com/122503/cover1225.html)

Never mind the obvious implications of blatant political corruption for the moment and focus on the hypocrisy displayed by conservative cattle rancher Roger Rodoni. Here we have our long-time 2nd District Supervisor quite literally on the take from Pacific Lumber!

The financial benevolence bestowed upon Rodoni by Pacific Lumber should not only rightly be considered a fetid form of political bribery, Rodoni’s sweetheart deal with Pacific Lumber is an obvious case of corporate welfare run amok.

However, as financially fortunate as Roger Rodoni is, in his typically hypocritical Republican fashion Rodoni cravenly chose to personally attack the less fortunate of Humboldt County, referring to our meager social safety net as a “gravy train”, of all things!

Regarding the fact that the state and federal governments are considering draconian cuts to necessary programs that “supposedly take care of the people who can’t take care of themselves”, Rodoni coldheartedly quipped “I’m sitting here thinking, they need a bigger axe… Humboldt County is an oasis for this sort of thing.”

Rodoni’s outspoken opposition to vital social programs for the working poor, the disabled and the elderly is as legendary locally as his repeatedly displayed antagonism towards Native Americans and other oppressed minority groups.

Roger Rodoni is a right-wing relic from Humboldt County ’s puerile past. Rodoni is a racist Republican redneck who openly brags about his bigotry, wallowing in his hatred for women as well: “Like Supervisor Bonnie Neely, who he said has been buried in the Humboldt County Courthouse for 30 years; or Arcata Mayor Harmony Groves, a ‘social utopian if I ever met one – every time she talks you expect butterflies to come out of her mouth’.”

Roger Rodoni is the personification of political embarrassment. However, what is truly pathetic about Rodoni is that he is not nearly intelligent enough to understand that he should be ashamed of himself! How did Rodoni ever get elected to public office in the first place?

Oh yeah, that’s right. Pacific Lumber and their abusive parent corporation MAXXAM, Inc. put him there. Apparently, Savings & Loan scammer Charles Hurwitz’s largesse came in handy for Rodoni’s political campaigns. Too bad his constituents have received so little in return.

Ironically, Roger Rodoni said he is puzzled why “these characters keep getting reelected.” So are we! Humboldt County can do so much better than Roger Rodoni.

It is time for Roger Rodoni to retire from the Humboldt County Board of Supervisors. You can make it happen! Public pressure still counts for something in this county, and I urge you to contact 2nd District Supervisor Rodoni to let him know what you think of his reelection prospects in the upcoming June 2008 primary election.

Tell Rodoni that the time has come for him to move on. Roger Rodoni’s office phone number is (707) 476-2392. Please give him a call, and tell him Jake Pickering sent you!

thanks Jake….


4 Responses to “Welfare and Roger Rodoni”

  1. noel adamson Says:

    When it comes to questioning why so much corruption can exist in such a “progressive” community consider the extent of dope growing. Pot is illegal just to criminalize a less corrupt segment of society in order to maintain control by the genuine criminals and it works very well in conjunction with the rest of the evil machine. If it were not so then law enforcement would be targeting meth labs, gun runners, heroin wholesalers and other right wing types rather than pot heads and growers who dare to pose a political threat.

    Attacking the inherently vulnerable members of the community is standard fare for such people and always has been the trademark of people like Hitler, Stalin, the theocracies of various religions in various regions and so on who all have sought to do away with the “inferior” members of their own societies. They are simply bullies and will succeed until people stand up to them. Bullies are cowards.

    I understand I am saying nothing new but it bears endless repetition.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Noel is certainly right about the corruption in local government. Except Rodoni is right about Harmony Groves and Arcata, she’s an insipid elitist in the Dem Cent Com crew ruling the roost in Arcata for 30 years, and after that much time in power, any regime starts to stink of internal rot and decay.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Peace be with you,

    Noel and the Plazoid are right about Roger “pl” Rodoni being a quisling. But Anonymous is also right about “dis” Harmony Groves being one. Lets face it when a “politician” politics they say one thing and when they get elected they exclusively support “those most likely to influence policy” (the ultra-rich). Disharmony and the organization Democracy Unlimited seized control of the Humboldt county green party with all the tact and honesty of a coup d’ etat. Not one green meeting did these people attend until they decided to make the green party exactly like the Democrats. Even your beloved Dave Meserve made every meeting of the Democratic steering committee, while the coup meeting is the only time he attended a green party meeting.

    The world has once again been socially engineered to operate on police, poverty-pimps and prisons. The government is for the sole benefit of the wealthiest, and the freedom is again a mere dream of the peoples of the United States. Regardless of what they call themselves these quislings are followers of the neo-corporatites. They don’t represent the people, nor do they have the peoples best interest at heart (I still assume they have a little heart in them).

    People must insist on ALL their rights ALL the time! When we stop waiving our rights, stop believe our voice is unimportant, stop viewing the issues as too complicated for us to educate ourselves, and start to take care of one another like peaceful peoples have been doing for thousands of years, then the revolution will come. Loving one another, the weapon they can not defend from, is not a weapon at all but an old established way of life. Be family, be community, be egalitarian, be generous, be compassionate, be selfless (not selfish), and most important be peace, and who “you be” shall be heaped upon you ‘til your cup runneth over!

    Love eternal

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Roger Rodoni is not just a fool, he’s a corrupt idiotic right-wing fool. Keep up the good work Mr.Pickering.

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