email from tad

Sisters and Brothers;

Peace be with you!

SARCASM: a keenly ironical utterance!

I guess I’m just spitting into the wind again, but the “special” treatment plan for the homeless (the Arcata Emergency Housing and Services Plan) once again is before the grant-whoring Arcata City Council again Wednesday night. Again I expect the public to ignore this issue. After all, surely they will stop their extremely obtrusive control paradigm with the homeless (damn, and to think we give too little credit for the Nazi propaganda, the eugenics mental hygiene and the supremest domestic law enforcement machines we transferred to the U. S. after WWII during “operation paperclip”). They would never view you or me as useless and crazy enough not to recognize it.

These homeless are the least of our brethren – worthless in the eyes of our spirit and earth. They’re bums, crazy as hell for not having a two SUVs and garages to put them in. They want to live like they deserve to live. We all have read the Times Slanderer, the Eureka Distorter, the Arcata Lie and the North Coast Urinal, so we all know that all our problems are the result of these “transients.” Global Warming is not a myth it is the direct result of letting the homeless into our towns! Excessive trash production would go away without all the card board and Styrofoam these useless feeders obtain when they consume their newer, bigger, better, more expensive crap bought with handout money. We could eliminate landfills if wasn’t for these parasites. The Homeless require cops, which requires militarization of our police forces, which require lots of people to be killed, which is by definition a war, which escalates and causes other wars, which means all the evils ever done in the world is the fault homeless person’s (ever hear “look what you made me do to you”).

No autonomy for the homeless! No liberty for the homeless! No land for the homeless! No freedom for the homeless! Just mental health/eugenics drugs for the homeless! Just cop beatings and killings for the homeless! Just prisons and jails for the homeless! And plenty of lucre for the poverty pimps and the grant whores!

Rest well knowing you ignored the issue and, like our green hero’s, agreed with Bush’s Chronic Homeless Initiative. Ignore the plight of these lessers and the silly issues they raise as to equality and egalitarianism will go away . . . completely!

Love eternal

3 Responses to “email from tad”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    How did you feel about Nick Bravos show of support for the homeless at the council meeting on wedensday night?

  2. Anonymous Says:

    “And plenty of lucre for the poverty pimps and the grant whores!”

    You mean the people whi WORK for a living, and make the money you try to panhandle off them for your cigarettes?

    Oh yeah, them.

  3. noel adamson Says:

    Hi Tad

    If the homeless are not targeted for exploitation then we would have to target actual criminals. Think of the ramifications! Our society as we know it would crumble and we would be left with a free and safe democracy. Can’t have that; everyone knows non-criminals are too naive to run things!

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