comment form The Plazoid’s new Public Relations expert

In response to an agreement to carry on on-line discussion with the editor(s) of the Arcata Eye under the condition of unanonymous communication, The Plazoid has brought on board a Public Relations expert. This comment was recieved by The Plazoid’s new Public Relations expert, Anne Hohnermuss.

“Thank you. I would like to introduce myself. My name is Anne Hohnermuss, and I will be handling non-anonymous communications for The Plazoid publication project.

I am fully willing to carry on on-line discussion with the editor(s) of the Arcata Eye, if you are still up to it.

May I suggest a topic for the first discussion item? Perhaps we could talk about the recent 9th Circuit Court of Appeals decision in the case of Jones et al v Los Angeles (April 14, 2006). The decision can be found on the internet at:$file/0455324.pdf?openelement

I think that a good starting point would be to talk discuss the differences in coverage of this decsion by the two news sources, the Arcata Eye and The Plazoid.

Again, I am very excited about my new job and I look forward to many wonderful discussions.

Thank you.”

12 Responses to “comment form The Plazoid’s new Public Relations expert”

  1. Anne Hohnermuss, Public Relations expert, The Plazoid publication project Says:

    The blogger desk of The Plazoid has recently recieved some comments from someone (or something) using “plazoid” as an identity, but just making purposefully misleading statements. This person or machine is not actually an editor of The Plazoid, and has made some false statments that apparently need to be clarified.

    First of all, the is indeed associated with the print ‘zine entitled The Plazoid. I don’t know why someone would assert that it is not.

    Secondly, just becasue not every stupid comment is posted doesn’t mean that we are anti-free speech totalitarians.

    The agitated commentor made a reference to our “business” practices, which is confusing, because The Plazoid is free, as is acces to The Plazoid doesn’t even solicit donations. If the angry commentator can make clear what you’re talking about, perhaps we can have a discussion.

    The commentor also asked about my “employment” at The Plazoid as Public Relations expert. To answer your question, “no,” I am not paid in any way for my time or efforts. I do this because it is the right thing to do.

    Thank you for your comments.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Hey plazoid, dont you think that theres more to be gained for society as a whole by participating in the system, and effecting change from within? Or do you think youre ultimatly accomplishing anything significant by fighting development of old warehouse sites, so you and yours can smoke pot and avoid reality all day?

    Do you think anyone would want to raise a child in your environment?

  3. the PLAZOID Says:

    I think it is valuable to create change both within and outside of the system.

    As for the old warehouses thing, I have not fought the development of old warehouses. Please let me know what you’re talking about. Of course, each situation has its own particularities that would affect any position or decision that anyone would want to make.

    I don’t believe that smoking “pot” is necessarilly a way to “avoid reality.” Maybe that’s why you smoke “pot,” but not me.

    Would any want to raise children in “my environment?” Sure! I love kids! I get along with kids just fine. I have even lived with children before. What a silly question!

    On the otherhand, homelessness of children is not silly at all. It is a serious epidemic all around the world. Even in the United States. Even in humboldt county. See this post from a previous issue of The Plazoid:
    ” Letter from Rosemary to the Arcata Eye.” Rosemary Loftis was a homeless task force member at the time that she wrote this letter, and her job was “the Homeless Outreach Coordinator for the High School District.”

    The question that you ought to be asking is “what effect does this have on our society?” and “why do we let it happen?”

  4. Anonymous Says:


    peace be with you.

    In response to the Anonymous question “don’t you think that there[‘]s more to be gained for society as a whole by participating in the system?”
    If I could inject – not just NO, but HELL NO!
    1. The system is and always has been dysfunctional. When life is outlawed because a wealthy few call the shots then, large groups of people become disenfranchised. When god given liberties are taken away from people because they’re “not likely to influence policy” then, large groups of people become disenfranchised. When crime and punishment are decided on the basis of economic status then, large groups of people become disenfranchised. When large groups of people become disenfranchised then, the system responsible for that is dysfunctional.
    2. When changes come “from within the system” they don’t necessarily appear. Take the Ninth Circuit ruling as an example. The courts ruled in Jones vs. Los Angeles (2006), 444 Fd.3d 1123, that all of the western United States must change their laws, but none have done it. Change is an illusion governments use to occupy your attention while they carry out some policy (agenda). I saw this first hand in the Arcata, “Emergency Housing and Homeless Services Task Force.”
    3. The “system” has been usurped by pseudo-scientists. “Social sciences,” “behavioral sciences,” and “political sciences” are all non-scientific sciences which should more accurately be called “crafts.” With no empirical data these practitioners of black-crafts destroy the social fabric and put into place artificial controls to manipulate the masses. Once these controls are mainstream then the pseudo-science behind them is never be questioned again.
    4. The “system” is NOT the system that the United States was founded on. The United States was a representative democracy with guaranteed liberties, checks and balances, and separation of powers. The United States is now a Presidential oligarchy run for the benefit of the wealthiest. The power of the president now seems to include: Presidential orders and initiatives (no child left behind, new freedom, chronic homeless, etc.) , wars on social activities (war on drugs, war on poverty, etc), limits on free speech, religion, fair trial, illegal search and seizure, and a complete denial of the: “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness,” concept of US origin.
    5. The “system” is just that – a system. Here’s the system: Corporate research is sent to Madison Avenue (advertising spin doctors), given to the public through the media (especially news and entertainment), sent to corporate “think tanks,” (Council of Foreign Relations, Urban Institute, etc.), then their results are utilized by the President to justify a policy, which is sent back to Madison Avenue, back through the media, when most people accept it and then its turned into “Presidential policy.” The people are the oil and money is the grease that lubricates the gears of the system. Neuropsychopharmacology, waste, toxic waste, resource depletion, environmental damage, global warming, GMO, genetics, food additives, all have unknown long term effects, yet a face is painted on it, schools indoctrinate it, the graduates espouse it, the press reports it, the people accept it, and then the next lie is told. Most people are too busy questioning the bullshit, to question the bullshit squared underneath.
    6. The system must be stripped down to where it is fair and benevolent. Laws must be rescinded; corporate control must be stopped; financial influence of our “leaders” must end; equality must exist; the truth must be exposed; prison systems must be reformed and; peoples must start to heal.
    Morality, doing what’s right just ‘cause its right, is a natural characteristic of most peoples and it flourishes best where it is allowed rule supreme. I would raise a child where peace and love exist; where acceptance, truth, compassion, generosity, and wisdom flowed most abundantly.
    And as a last thought, I feel it is important to know, that I appreciate all who see a need to “change the system.”

    love eternal

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Tad said…
    The United States is now a Presidential oligarchy run for the benefit of the wealthiest.

    It would be more accurate to call it a corporate/banking plutocracy. The “President” is a puppet. The entire government is controlled from the top by the plutocracy, and it always has been. The United States has never been a democracy.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    Peace be with you.
    Anonymous is correct the corporate/banking are the wealthiest which I referred to, but the president is still the letterhead that the spin is directed from. Even an “idiot” can see our 86 I.Q. president is an “idiot.” To admit that the world bank is really running our country might be too conspiratorial for the average, because technically the government has not been completely privatized. Read “America Fooled” by Dr. Timothy Scott to see how the FDA and other government offices have be usurped by the neuropsychopharmacology industry.

    love eternal

  7. Anonymous Says:

    Altruism does not mean kindness or consideration for others. What altruism preaches is that man must sacrifice himself for others, that he must place the interest of others ABOVE his own interest, that he must live for the sake of others.

  8. Anonymous Says:

    Altruism is not a philosophy or a religious movement. It’s just a word which means “regard for or devotion to the interests of others.” That doesn’t necessarily mean placing the interest of others above your own.

  9. Anonymous Says:

    Thanks for the book tip, Tad. The “neuropsychopharmacology industry” sounds like a horror, and that’s just the pronunciation!

    I’ve read that the U.S. government has been experimenting since at least the 1950s with the use of various drugs and chemicals, in the water and air, as support for their programs of social engineering and mass mind-control.

    If something can be done, it absolutely will be done by the U.S. government and the plutocracy, to maintain their power. They are a ruthless criminal organization. The greatest, most sophisticated mafia in the world.

  10. Anne Hohnermuss Says:

    The Plazoid recently recieved a comment that was authored by someone identifying him/herself as “Kevin Hoover.”

    Because the comment was an unintelligent insult consisting of only two words, one of them being “YOU,” and one might infer from the comment that the author of the comment has unhealthy personality characteristics, it seemed possible that the comment was NOT actually made by Kevin Hoover, but instead by someone trying to make Mr. Hoover look bad. For that reason, it was not posted.

    To the editor(s) of the Arcata Eye:
    Please make your comments by sending emails irectly to, including which posting you intend for them to appear under. This way you will be protected from imposters trying to hijack your identity on this blog.

    Thank you.
    Anne Hohnermuss
    Public Relations
    The Plazoid

  11. Anonymous Says:

    My, aren’t we the censorious little school marm these days.

  12. siteredminor Says:

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