The Plazoid Reaches Out

The Plazoid Reaches Out

The Plazoid recently recieved an email from the Arcata Eye (newspaper) agreeing to online discussion, but not “anonymously.” In an effort to reach out to our fellow Arcatans, The Plazoid has brought on board a Public Relations expert to communicate with the Arcata Eye, non-anonymously.

Please welcome The Plazoid’s first and only Public Relations expert: Anne Hohnermuss


One Response to “The Plazoid Reaches Out”

  1. Anne Hohnermuss Says:

    Thank you. I would like to introduce myself. My name is anne Hohnermuss, and I will be handling non-anonymous communications for The Plazoid publication project.

    I am fully willing to carry on on-line discussion with the editor(s) of the Arcata Eye, if you are still up to it.

    May I suggest a topic for the first discussion item? Perhaps we could talk about the recent 9th Circuit Court of Appeals decision in the case of Jones et al v Los Angeles (April 14, 2006). The decision can be found on the internet at:$file/0455324.pdf?openelement

    I think that a good starting point would be to talk discuss the differences in coverage of this decsion by the two news sources, the Arcata Eye and The Plazoid.

    Again, I am very excited about my new job and I look forward to many wonderful discussions.

    Thank you.

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