comments are moderated due to the foul language and innappropriate threats recieved by “anonymous” person or persons, or possibly machine(s).

please do not let this stop those of you who have opinions from posting them.

thank you.


35 Responses to “comments”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    I’ve got no problem with moderation.

    If you want an audience to SHOUT, rant, threaten, offend, and dominate people, you can go out on tavern row and get taken to the jail. Do it on a blog and get censored.

    You’re free to start your own blog and put almost anything you want it it. Better cool it on the child porn and threats against the sovereign

  2. saf Says:

    Hi plazoid, just wanted to let you know that you can delete comments by clicking on the trash can icon in the comment box when you are signed in. I understand wanting to censor some of the bull that gets posted but all the hoops you have to jump through can discourage or confuse some folks who want to post.

  3. noel adamson Says:

    Hi Plazoid

    You know you are right, and effective, when you attract the brown shirts. These anonymous cowards are desperate to silence anyone who they cannot debate and not bright enough to realize they are fighting against their own best interest.

    Keep up the good fight

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Anon.R.mous is non other than friend and synchophant of Harmony Groves, Drew.

    He’s also the one who relentlessly hounded nick bravo on the now defunct Humboldt Forums.

    One has to wonder just how deeply involved in Arcata politics this jughead is. I reckon he’s one of those that is expert at criticizing people and pointing out problems but he is completely inept when it comes to solving problems.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Tad, is it true that you and Dave Meserve are secretly homosexual lovers?

  6. Anonymous Says:

    I wish Tad Robinson would run for City Council. He might even start publishing his Plazoid zine again instead of sitting around doing nothing.

  7. Anonymous Says:


  8. Anonymous Says:

    My daughter moved to Arcata last year.She is a responsible member of your community, working 2 jobs,and treading as lightly as she can on Mother Earth. She has told me of the homeless problem that exists in your town. My question is this: Is the majority of your homeless young and able bodied or are they older people who are disabled? I believe in being socially responsible, if people need help give it to them. However I don’t think that same support should be given to someone is totally able to care for themselves. My kid tells me of people begging for pot, not food or shelter. I’d like to buy the world a Coke too, but sometimes you just have to say no.

  9. Nick Bravo Says:

    The majority of the homeless are young able-bodied people. Some are trust fund babies who want to be supported by others, there are many drug addicts in the mix, There are a few older people like tad and al, but they CHOOSE to not work. Al averages about $60 a day or more standing on his street corner. Tad gets most of his money recycling. There are a few genuinely homeless people, mainly women with children, who want to get out of their bad situation, but their usually shouted over by the homeless demanding free internet, campgrounds, luxury porta potties, and other state given freebies.

  10. Nick Bravo Says:

    We need another civil war. Sadly it won’t happen because far too many self proclaimed activists are more concerned with gov’t being their sugar daddy rather than their servant. So many standing on rooftops proclaiming their willingness to fight their gov’t and risk death doing so. Yet when the gov’t comes with its guns these same activists are among the first to bury thier faces in the dust and weep for mercy! Movies like V are perfectly fine to show in amerika because the majority of people have grown to love their oppressors and have lost their desire for freedom, not to mention the fact that most Amerikans couldn’t scare their gov’t if they tried much less blow anything noteworthy up.

  11. the PLAZOID Says:

    I am not sure where “Nick Bravo” (who probably isn’t really nick bravo) gets his/her statistics from, but I do not think that they are totally acurate.

    It is true that during the summer there are people travelling through Arcata without legal lodging, and many of them are somewhat young (depending on how young young is) and “able bodied.” It is innacurate, however, to confuse “transient” with “homeless.” This semantic obfiscation is a tactic used by ranger bob and the arcata police/city politicians to spin a story of “homeless” people “taking over” our fair little town of arcata. The answer, they say, is more grants (federal money) and more police.

    This inevitably leads to basic human needs going unmet and over-policing of arcata. Has all the new police fixed the plaza problems? no – they’ve gotten worse. Just ask any city council person. Or a cop – although i do not recommend talking to the police, and talking to the city council may seem like a waste of time.

  12. the PLAZOID Says:

    well, “Nick Bravo,” if that is your real name, which i don’t think that it is, I’ve read your comments one more time, and noticed some glaring inconsistancies.

    First, you cite as examples of “older” homeless people Tad and Al. You say that Tad gets his money from recycling, and then say that he chooses NOT to work. How exactly do you think that Tad gets his recycling? The recycling-fairy? Endeavor recycling-handouts? Maybe a government SSI ration of glass and aluminum? No, “Nick Bravo,” he WORKS for it.

    And Al, too. If you stand on your feet all day wearing a security guard uniform and do nothing, you are “working.” Don’t you think that standing out in the weather, on your feet for long hours, putting up with police harrasment is “work?” Do his cardboard signs not entertain atleast some people? He is working at least as hard as some “employed” people, and harder than others.

    As for your “facts and figures,” how do you know the relative numbers of homeless in Arcata? or how much Al makes? What makes you think that there are only a few “genuinely homeless” people, and that they are mainly women and children?

    Frankly, “Nick Bravo,” I think you are using “rectally extracted” data. This method of unscientific noninquiry did not work for the homeless task force, and it does not work for you either.

    As for the “civli war” nonsense, well, maybe you don’t know how unglamorous a civil war can be.

  13. the PLAZOID Says:

    in response to “anonymous” parent of responsible community member:

    I applaude your pledge of social responsibility. If someone needed “pot” for medicinal use, and was unable to provide it for him-herself, would you be in support of giving it? Just curious.

    Of course there are people asking for food and shelter. Mostly food, since panhandling for shelter is a pretty hopeless endeavor. Also the mild climate makes outdoor living more tolerable here than in some other climates.

    As for “buying the world a Coke,” it is defintiely a must to ALWAYS SAY NO, because Coca-Cola is another one of those evil mega-huge corporations that routinely engages in human rights abuses and environmental negligence. I don’t have any good links handy at the moment, but you can research it yourself with a simple internet search.

    thank you for your interest

  14. Anonymous Says:

    Hey Bloggers, did you know Dave Berman represents you?

    That’s right, Dave has his very own forum on media accountability, only there’s no independent media and no bloggers besides himself to be present to ask the really tough questions. Instead it’s a collection of the usual suspects from Times-Standard, Clear Channel and KMUD to spin their webs of deceit.

    Dave believes he represents local bloggers. Do you believe him? If not, now’s the time to demand a seat at the table for a real local blogger. I nominate Fred.

  15. Anonymous Says:

    We should send Tad Robinson to the media forum as the homeless representative. He’ll give them all a good scare.

  16. Anonymous Says:


  17. Nick Bravo Says:

    Hey Tad, what are you going to do when your good buddy Dave Meserve gets thrown out of office for good? Who then will stand up for the homeless….Stillman maybe, who eles will be in favor of police reveiw? Sadly no city councilman will be in your pocket.

  18. Anonymous Says:

    I want to see more nazi flyers from Tad, he can show Arcata the sickness of Wheetley. Remember he was the same guy who led the genocide on the South Spit, how many dozens of homeless people died because of him?

  19. Nick Bravo Says:

    in the spirit of free speech.
    Buhne ( gets criticism of Hoover, Hoover objects, Buhne wipes out all comments. I guess we know who he works for now!

    So in the spirit of free speech I have disabled comment moderation so feel free to exercise your right to free speech and rest assured I will not be bullied by the likes of Kevin Hoover, nor will I censor anyones right to free speech on my blog.

  20. Anonymous Says:

    Now only if Tad would get the lead out and put out another zine. Quarter Mike really needs to stop repressing those urges and purge them in the Plazoid.

  21. Anonymous Says:

    No way. That would actually require work, which Tad considers part of the Babylon system of mind control.

  22. the PLAZOID Says:

    glad to see that everyone is enjoying the new “comment moederation-free” environment!!!

  23. Nick Bravo Says:

    Any thoughts on Buhne censoring his blog? How do you veiw censorship? Is criticism acceptable untill it offends those in power? Is criticism ok untill it offends “your guy”?

  24. Anonymous Says:

    Tad’s doing such a bang-up job censoring himself by refusing to put out another Plazoid issue, he doesn’t need help from a snake like Buhne.

  25. Anonymous Says:

    Maybe Robinson just needs some bucks to make copies for the Plazoid. But I don’t want him to spange me just to buy alcohol, so maybe we should set up a donation account for him at Kinko’s?

  26. Nick Bravo Says:

    have you read the Arcata Eyes stuff about the 8 candidates for city council? I’ve posted it on my blog, feel free to comment.

  27. Anonymous Says:

    maybe we should just admit defeat of tad due to mental breakdown and elect someone else to carry on the plazoid. maybe quarter mike could step up.

  28. Nick Bravo Says:

    “MEDIA REVOLUTION” – New Media Group Scheduled to Meet

    A new not-for-profit organization forming in Humboldt County plans to hold its first meeting this month to discuss how to organize the citizen media movement – locally, nationally and beyond. The group, under the tentative name of Citizen Media Net, carries an ambitious goal: to bring about a “total revolution” in the way Americans get their news and entertainment. “After this revolution, ideas and information will flow not just from the top down, but from everywhere to everywhere,” says Paul Benson, Arcata resident and founder of the group.

    By bringing strategic organization to the emerging citizen media movement, Benson suggests that the group can help bring about an age in which independent citizen media-makers can compete directly with “Big Media.” An age, he says, in which “ordinary citizens will not only consume media content, but produce it.”

    The group will aim to provide organization and support to citizen media. “We’ll provide all types of media-makers – amateurs and pros alike,” says Benson, “with the facilities, equipment, and training they need to create powerful media content and deliver it to a mass audience. Rather than complaining about mainstream media, we’ll simply build our own media system – of, by, and for ordinary people.”

    Much of Benson’s “revolutionary” vision involves the idea of collaboration. “With our help, citizen media-makers will have, at their fingertips, the tools they need to begin combining their skills, talents, and equipment with those of other media-makers. Working collaboratively in groups, we as individuals will no longer be held back by our own personal limitations, or by our lack of professional media experience. By collaborating, one person’s weaknesses are compensated by the strengths of another. Collaboration will result in higher quality work, which will, in turn, draw larger audiences to citizen media. As more and more people tune in, citizen media will be increasingly recognized as a credible alternative to mainstream media. Perhaps it will even become the mainstream.”

    “Either way, citizen media is going to be the next big thing,” asserts Benson. “That’s why Apple is touting its new ‘iLife’ suite, an all-purpose set of tools designed for citizen media-makers. Both Apple and Microsoft are bundling audio and video editing software right into their operating systems. And people are using these tools, too. Citizen media is sweeping across cyberspace. Anyone with iTunes and a broadband internet connection is already set to discover a world of citizen audio and video programming, for free, through the magic of podcasting. It’s already starting to make traditional radio and TV look a bit obsolete. And who’s producing the shows? Regular people like you and me. All signs are pointing to citizen media.”

    “Our goal is to take the citizen media movement to the next level – to ramp it up and turn it into a new media revolution, where the power of the press truly is in the hands of the people, where it belongs.”

    The meeting is planned for Thursday, August 31st, at 7PM, at the Green Life Evolution Center in Blue Lake. Directions and more information can be found at

  29. Nick Bravo Says:

    C’mon homeless people! Protest City Hall in regards to Meserve’s horrible track record in regards to helping the homeless! Your silence is your compliance with Meserve’s idiocy.

  30. plazoid Says:

    how many homeless people do you think read this blog? or even are “bloggers”?

  31. Anonymous Says:

    Tad, your zine and your blog are circling the drain dude, that giant sucking sound just might be your life slipping away…

  32. Dave Meserve Says:

    Might? Try IS!

  33. Kevin Hoover Says:

    But Plazoid, are you not their philosopher king? Self appointed to rule over them for their best interest? I’m disappointed in you Plazoid! I’d have thought you’d have rallied your fellow homeless, clothed them in armor made of old trash cans and tinfoil helmets, taught them how to use swords, and given them well thought out plans for overthrowing Arcta city gov’t. Thus setting yourself up as Mayor and surrounding yourself with some of the most homeless of the homeless.

  34. Barbie Says:

    Kevin, get off the computer and come to bed! I’ve got the knives and branding irons all ready, snookums!

  35. biome Says:

    interesting how the medium of homelessness allows for an amiable, co-creative expression of individuals’ pressing non-zionist ontological tendencies—
    not to mention the spiritual right to eat, sleep and excrete freely, notwithstanding the preturbations arising from contemporary babylonian talmudic impositions.


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