President of Humboldt State University
“Over the course of more than 20 years beginning in 1972, his studies – funded largely by the National Science Foundation and the National Institutes of Health – led him to explore the “genetic origins of reproductive isolation,” the reproductive behavior of fruit flies, neurotoxins and cocaine in mice, and the resistance of fruit flies to malathion.”

from “About the President” Humboldt State University website
on the net at:

MALATHION is an organophosphate (OP) compound.
During World War II, under the NAZI regime, teams led by Dr. Gerhard Schrader
discovered four organophosphate NERVE AGENTS, including sarin.
http://www.washingtonpost.com NEW DELHI, Feb. 4 — A parliamentary committee on Wednesday upheld findings by an environmental group that drinks made in India by PepsiCo Inc. and Coca-Cola Co. contained unacceptable amounts of pesticide residue… soda made by the two American companies contained high levels of four extremely toxic pesticides: lindane, DDT, MALATHION and chlorpyrifos. The group said these pesticides could damage the human nervous system

6 Responses to “WHAT THE HELL?”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Well, that’s very interesting. Thanks for calling that to people’s attention, Plazoid.

    “…neurotoxins and cocaine in mice…” — Such sadistic lab experiments would be horrifying, hellish and painful experiences for those helpless mice.

    In recent years it has been recognized that people who torture and abuse animals are more likely to do horrible things to human beings too. It used to be that nobody took that seriously. Now they do.

    So why should we turn a blind eye to the cruel experiments which are routinely conducted by academic sadists in lab coats?

    There is something truly sick and evil about university lab technicians and researchers who torture helpless animals.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    I’m not sure what your trying to imply with the Rollin Richmond bit, since it is not particularly surprising or interesting. But if you want to know what he was doing doing with mice and cocaine, look at his website (recent publications), then walk up to the HSU library get on a computer and find his papers. I’m sure his reasons will be explained therein.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    I’d like to know why the hell Tad, Bio, and others think it’s spiritual to eat out of dumpsters, and sleep in the trees.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Since you are obviously an advocate of ethical treatment of animals…

    Two things to consider when discussing experiments on lab mice:

    1) They are very useful for medicine, and many many many more people would have died by now if we never tested on mice. You may not think that this is a bad thing, but realize that the computers that this dicussion is taking palce on would probably never heve been invented without the prolonged human life brought about by testing on mice. And the health care you advocate for the homeless? Forget about it.

    2) At this point in time, lab mice are so evolutionarily adapted to lab conditions that exceedingly few would survive under non-lab conditions. I am very serious about this, it is not a statement that can be made for: bunnies, dogs, all primates. So next time anyone in ALF or ELF decides to jail break a bunch of mice… they are sentencing them to death.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    “The Animal Liberation Front is claiming responsibility for the liberation of 401 animals from the University of Iowa in the early hours of November 14th, 2004. All animals on the third floor of the UI psychology department — 88 mice and 313 rats — were removed, examined and treated by a sympathetic veterinarian, and placed in loving homes.”


  6. Anonymous Says:

    Well, I am sure that he had to conduct “quality control” of the cocane…

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