IBM and the Holocaust is the stunning story of IBM’s strategic alliance with Nazi Germany — beginning in 1933 in the first weeks that Hitler came to power and continuing well into World War II. As the Third Reich embarked upon its plan of conquest and genocide, IBM and its subsidiaries helped create enabling technologies, step-by-step, from the identification and cataloging programs of the 1930s to the selections of the 1940s.

Only after Jews were identified — a massive and complex task that Hitler wanted done immediately — could they be targeted for efficient asset confiscation, ghettoization, deportation, enslaved labor, and, ultimately, annihilation. It was a cross-tabulation and organizational challenge so monumental, it called for a computer. Of course, in the 1930s no computer existed.

But IBM’s Hollerith punch card technology did exist. Aided by the company’s custom-designed and constantly updated Hollerith systems, Hitler was able to automate his persecution of the Jews. Historians have always been amazed at the speed and accuracy with which the Nazis were able to identify and locate European Jewry. Until now, the pieces of this puzzle have never been fully assembled. The fact is, IBM technology was used to organize nearly everything in Germany and then Nazi Europe, from the identification of the Jews in censuses, registrations, and ancestral tracing programs to the running of railroads and organizing of concentration camp slave labor.

IBM and its German subsidiary custom-designed complex solutions, one by one, anticipating the Reich’s needs. They did not merely sell the machines and walk away. Instead, IBM leased these machines for high fees and became the sole source of the billions of punch cards Hitler needed.
IBM and the Holocaust takes you through the carefully crafted corporate collusion with the Third Reich, as well as the structured deniability of oral agreements, undated letters, and the Geneva intermediaries — all undertaken as the newspapers blazed with accounts of persecution and destruction.

IBM founder Thomas Watson cooperated with the Nazis for the sake of profit. Only with IBM’s technologic assistance was Hitler able to achieve the staggering numbers of the Holocaust.


2 Responses to “DON"T GIVE THEM YOUR INFO!”

  1. noel adamson Says:

    Hi Plazoid. Thanks for this info, it is something I have been meaning to add to my long neglected Treason Incorporated website where I have links to other big names in America who put Hitler in power and were “eugenists” of the most perverted and vicious sort. Starting with Henry Ford, who placed an anti-semitic pamphlet of his own design in every new Ford called The International Jew
    — The World’s Foremost Problem
    , and was Hitler’s earliest financier and designer of the notoriously “efficient” death camps of the “final solution”. The final solution, I would add in passing, started with street people, union workers and mental institution inmates who were the guinea pigs for developing the methods of execution later used on the gypsies and Jews. timeline
    If the current Bush administration seems a bit like the Nazis it may be because Gee Dub’s grandpa, Prescott Bush, was the main person mananging the financial support of Hitler and one document which has escaped destruction documents this; vesting order 248. Note that this document, which takes Union Banking away from it’s owners for trading with the enemy, names Nazi party members as several of the partners. (the colored annotation is mine and can be verified via search)This was not just an “in it for the profit” business venture, but a “take over the world for our business’ sake at any cost(to others)” venture. They did not supply bread and butter for the starving German people but steel, and munitions which killed my uncle among others.

    Ford receiving the “Grand Cross of the Supreme Order of the German Eagle” in 1938.

    Documentation of Ford’s involvement in bringing Hitler, an obscure kook in Bavaria, to power as the standard by which all other evil is measured today can be found at this site and most notable to me are the Chicago tribune articles of the very early 1920s that not only document his involvement but make clear that Hitler’s repugnant nature was well known to the populace at large here at that time.

  2. biome Says:

    pro-truth does not equal anti-semitic.
    are there any who specialize in critical informative research?

    be well, be joy

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