On Dr. Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. Day a pregnant woman who is past her due date was arrested by the Arcata Police Department and held in Jail.

The Arcata Police Department arrested a pregnant woman who is past her due date to give birth. She was arrested for allegedly missing a court date. She would have been forced to give birth while being held at the jail if she had gone into labor in the jail cell.

Earlier in her pregnancy, the same woman had been thrown to the ground by an Arcata police officer as part of this city’s overzealous efforts against those percieved as “homeless.”

Incredibly, at her arraignment in front of the judge the overzealous District Attorney/ Prosecuter demanded that she should be kept in jail, demanding that she give birth while in the custody of the Humbolt County Jail, as a punishment for missing an infraction court date by a few minutes.

Reportedly, this deputy District Attorney prosecutes child abuse cases.

This raises the question of: Whether someone who seeks to force a baby to be born into a jail cell is qualified to prosecute child abuse cases? Does the city council take any responsibility for endangering the imminent life of this child?

A community effort was put into effect when her family and friends attempted to give the urgent message to the police and the court system to free her from jail. The police said nothing could be done until her arraignment. More than 24 hours past before the arraignment and then another six hours of waiting to be released to her family and friends.

P.S. The original alleged offense, stemming from an incident in which the cops shot a taser stun-gun at the puppy that the woman was caring for at the time, was that she allegedly assaulted an officer. The cops put her in wrist constraints that were so tight that they left a mark on her wrists that was there for days and was documented by Arcata copwatch volunteers.



  1. Anonymous Says:

    Ugh, that is positively disgusting. I am pregnant & used to be houseless, & personally… I’d sue the pants off the damn city if they did that to me! What nerve! Is nothing sacred? Is this what we (yes, WE) pay taxes & & live & participate in the community for? Please. These cops need training in basic common sense & human decency before anything else. Sad, but true.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Too bad they didn’t beat her with the batons. Who fucking cares if she was going to drop another fucking kid? I sure don’t. So what, she did a crime, she shouldn’t do the time? What the fuck happened to men and women being equal? Arcata copwatch needs to be watched.

    I say hit the bitch with the tazers again and again and take her kid away from her so it can have a real life with a parent that will make something of itself.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    20 years ago I woulda expected to see this kind of thing in china or russia and NEVER America. Now our country has slid even further into a pseudo-facist state where the weak and poor are preyed upon. This is no longer a civilized society…it is a group of people divided into classes….woe to those in the underclass.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    A typical birth lasts hours, even days… plenty of time to get that woman to a hospital.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Finally a blog exposing the ridiculousness of arresting people for breaking the law. Especially pregnant women, who should not be able to get arrested, ever. Man aren’t cops big ole bummers when they do their jobs. Meriam-Webster can help define that last word, “Jobs”.

  6. the PLAZOID Says:

    geez, “anonymous,” you sure sound mean.

    Does everybody just assume that the woman was guilty with what she was charged with or initially investigated for? C,mon now (cops lie).

    Yes, “anonymous,” it is rather silly, the “ridiculousness of arresting people for breaking the law,” considering the rampant lawlessness of the the so-called law enforcement industry and the very heads of our country’s government and corporate social engineers.

    Meriam-Webster definition of “job”:
    job. 10. Something done ostesibly for the public welfare, but actually for improper private gain.
    Look it up.

    as for “cops do their jobs” and the related “cops just doing their jobs,” well sorry, but that excuse is old and tired. There was no reason to haul that woman into jail, and the judge agreed and let her go.

    thank you for your coments.

  7. Mo Says:

    Sounds just like the taser-braised homeless comment by Hoover in the LEye. I guess we know who the meany anonymous is now.

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