Humboldt Property Management recently bought Arcata police department’s ranger Bob Murphy a $1600 bicycle to make his gentrification-enforcement efforts more comfortable and enjoyable. (See Arcata Eye 8/30/05)

Humboldt Property Management surely expects their business to flourish as the well-equipped ranger Bob drives away any individuals that might pose a threat to property values.

Is it immoral for a property management company that stands to make a significant FINANCIAL GAIN from ranger Bob’s routine VIOLATIONS of the CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS of unhoused people to give him a $1600 bike as a gift?
Of course it is!
But is it illegal?

2 Responses to “BRIBING RANGER BOB”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    So you must have really took a shit in your pants when the Blue Lake Casino gave $100,000 to HCS office.

    Oh wait, I must have missed that story.

  2. Wong Online PoKér Hu Says:

    I think it’s just another bribe case that gets highlight spot of the day, but eventually will lose its glory in the public attention.

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