Quote from Dr. Virgil Davis, Member of the Homeless Task Force, Arcata Eye June 7th, 2005.

Dr. Virgil Davis
Member of the Homeless Task Force
Arcata Eye June 7th, 2005

“The fundamental problem I see is that the homeless population that we serve in this community has a subset of people that create almost all of the negative impact on our community. This seems to be about 10 percent of the folks that access homeless services in town. They are homeless by choice either as “urban travelers” or “homeless activists” and are capable of working and paying their own way and are often not even homeless…
We’re conflicted because as caring progressively minded people we want to help those in need, we want to feel that what we do maximizes self-sufficiency so we don’t worsen the problem, and we want to set some limits on what we can and will do as a community. Finally we wouldn’t mind if those we help are thankful. On the other hand, we want to
run the 10 percent out of town!”


4 Responses to “Quote from Dr. Virgil Davis, Member of the Homeless Task Force, Arcata Eye June 7th, 2005.”

  1. Blazingstar Says:

    It is Davis and his ilk who should be run out of town, and out of the county. Send him to Iraq! ruben botello sr.

  2. the PLAZOID Says:

    I certainly hope that you are not refering to our fair city of Arcata as “the ass of the Human Race,” and, I might add, it is not kind to refer to our current city manager as a “tick”, although comparisons to some sort of parasite may indeed be accurate.

  3. Homeless Native Says:

    Ok I understand that the activists want to be around the homeless but what about the rest of the people that are homeless?

    How can that be a choice if all the bad elements are around?

  4. theplazoid Says:

    Peace be with you Native

    I am not sure I understand your question. Houseless people hang with other houseless people and housed people too. I’m not sure you noticed VD said in his letter that 10% of the homeless caused “all of the negative impact on our community.” Not some, not even most, but all the negative impact. How? He doesn’t say. But he does say “are capable of working.”

    He’s just scapegoating the unhoused, and the activists who try and help them.

    love eternal

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