Letter from tad

“I tramp a perpetual journey.” Walt Whitman, a bum who only wrote one book, wrote these words and nothing could ring more true in my heart. Was Whitman wrong, and therefore a fault in me? Henry David Thoreau wrote: “None can be an impartial or wise observer of human life but from the vantage of what we call voluntary poverty.” Is Thoreau deserving of our scorn? Am I? “The birds of the sky have their nests, the foxes their dens, but I the son of man, have no place to lay my head” Jesus the Nazarene said. Was Jesus guilty because of the path he chose? Am I?

I’ve always believed that the chosen non-participators are few in numbers – many are called, few are chosen. I also believe if it seemed righteous to dress like clowns, society would be pretty much the same with bright orange hair. Those who wish to minimize their footprint on this world, pursue a higher calling and resist the evil that always rears its ugly head, greed, are known by the fruit they bare. These people for whom they do not fight wars for oil, nor build nuclear power plants for, might provide a glimpse of solutions to the worlds problems.

The true spiritual wanderer in the 21st century is viewed the same as any run-away slave of human history. They won’t work to make any employer rich, nor will they buy property for the landlords, nor pay taxes for wars – wars for oil, wars on drugs, wars on the poor and wars on the homeless.

The peaceful make easy targets for those who wish to reprogram them, while using them as scapegoats. They wish to make the reprogramming as gentle as possible, they persuade, then they bribe, then they scare, then they medicate, then they torture, then they enslave, but if you don’t become the good citizens, they believe you’re not, then they genocide.

God made the earth for peoples to live on. Greed and fear took it away from them. All land, public as well as private, has been privatized. One man can live while another must make way? The right to sleep has been systematically stolen from those who need commons to sleep, at the same time that need is at its highest levels – ever! These people are not the cause of your problems; those are of a more systematic nature. These peoples are a benefit to the entire planet by reducing and non-use of what is already beginning to run out. We are not only losing our right to sleep, but also our very right to Be. The right to Be is protected under the Freedom of Religion clause, of the First Amendment, of the Bill of Rights, of the Constitution of the United States of America, and ordained by God as our birthright.

I mean no harm to any sentient being, in fact I have a theory: lets prosper together. If I did desire to “get a job”, as it has been suggested, I would start a business selling futons or computers or some other product. I know that a mere 10% of a million dollars is more then half of a hundred thousand, so I would make my money in volume. I would open in the least expensive part of town; but it would be worth the extra two-minute commute in savings. I could guarantee quality service, because I would pay living wages and health benefits to my co-workers. I would free up my time to do more useful things, like recycling, by building in self-sustainability leading to an employee buyout. I would be a philanthropist and give away every cent I earned to the poor and the hungry and the bruised. So if I know this about myself then why should I put Arcata businesses out just to end up outdoors doing what I do now? When it comes to the theory of climbing up my fellow brothers and sisters backs and shoving them under my feet to get to the top, I understand it all too well; for you see I would of sold my soul for wealth once, but for blessed redemption.

Please don’t pretend to know a book by its cover. Some have said; “judge not lest you be judged”. The only reason there is any semblance of freedom in this world is because there is a group, a peoples, who don’t believe in oppression at all. David also said my heart=song when he wrote; “Thou has heard the desires of the humble: thou will prepare their heart, thou will cause their ear to hear: to judge the fatherless and the oppressed, that the man of the earth will no longer oppress”.

Love eternal


2 Responses to “Letter from tad”

  1. Captain Ottinger Says:

    Sigh. Speaking about things he knows nothing about.

    If society deems it righteous to dress like clowns, some people would have orange hair. Others would have red, green, blue, yellow, white, brown, black, purple, or an infinite combination thereof. The world would be a joyous place.

    Coke and a clown wig. That’s a recipe for personal fulfillment.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Tad, why do you call women things like “Bigot Bitch?”

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