On May 12, 2005, Humboldt Co. Superior Court ruled IN FAVOR of a [formerly] homeless man charged, in 2003, with violating two Arcata ordinances, commonly used against homeless/houseless people. The ordinances which establish ‘no camping’ and ‘no obstructing traffic’ inherently discriminate against people who have no place to rest and were adopted by the city in an apparent effort to disappear nomadic and homeless folks and/or discourage the presence of such people in Arcata.

Similar anti-camping ordinances have been successfully challenged in Arcata, California (People v. Porter T0310779M 2005 and People v. Theodore Lewis Robinson T0304959M 2003); Portland, Oregon (State of Oregon v. Wickes); Santa Ana, California (the “Eichorn decision”); Miami, Florida (“Potinger v. City of Miami”); and Austin, Texas (ruling by Magistrate Jim Coronado).


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  1. musicwoman Says:

    See my blog on LEGACY ON THE LAND AND HOMELESS. I’d be interested in your take on this.

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