what the…???

What the ?!#%?
Amid all the hype about “the homeless problem” and the trashing of the plaza and downtown area, Arcata’s economic development committee approved an application to sell alcohol at the Arcata Theater.
(Feb. 14, 2005) http://www.arcatacityhall.org/com_com/econ_dev_agendas/2005_02-14.pdf.
Who can deny that alcohol abuse is at the root of Arcata’s problems with the trashing of public places and inappropriate behavior? What effect do committee members think that adding another drinking establishment downtown will have?
With city officials complaining that meeting the basic needs (food clothing and shelter) of those in need would attract more of the “wrong kind of people,” the failure to acknowledge that another drinking establishment will attract more alcohol abuse and drunken behavior is pure hypocrisy.


10 Responses to “what the…???”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    You seem to be suggesting that homeless people will be paying the cover charge for entrance/entertainment at the Arcata Theatre Lounge, and also be buying alcohol, and then leaving and causing problems in the downtown area.

    1) Where do homeless people get so much money? I’ll be lucky if I can afford to visit the Lounge once a month.

    2) Why do you have so little faith in the homeless? Apparently you think they are responsible for all of Arcata’s ills.

    Please, stop maligning the homeless.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    I’m not sure that I agree with Plazoid’s assertion that homeless people are all a bunch of carousing drunkards.

  3. the PLAZOID Says:

    Thank you for your comments.
    I’m not sure that you are actually reading what’s on this blogspot.
    Your assumptions that homeless people are the ones exhibiting drunken and destructive behaviour is illustrative of the prejudices held in Arcata against unhoused people.

  4. Captain Ottinger Says:

    I have to call shenanigans on you Plazoid. In multiple blog posts you have repeatedly insinuated that Arcata’s homeless abuse alcohol and block sidewalks – insinuated indirectly by claiming that certain city ordinances or concerns target the homeless because they address issues with alcohol and sidewalk use. Crash a logic class on Humboldt’s pearly hill and you’ll see your own prejudices plain as day.

  5. the PLAZOID Says:

    Thank you Cpt. Ottinger for your comments, but I am not sure that you are actually reading what is posted at this website.

    The ordinances mentioned have NOTHING TO DO WITH ALCOHOL ABUSE. One of the ordinances forbids SLEEPING in a public place and the other forbids crowds of people from preventing the use of public sidewalks. REPEATEDLY, these ordinances have been used to justify harassment of INNOCENT homeless people.

    The ordincances to which I am referring are:
    Arcata Municipal Code
    SEC. 10004.
    Arcata Municipal Code
    SEC. 4560. Sitting or Lying on Public Sidewalks, Obstructing Movement(ORDINANCE NO. 1320)

  6. Captain Ottinger Says:

    Plazoid, you have a habitual reading problem. I wrote, “certain city ordinances or concerns.”

    With regard to maligning the homeless as drunkards, you wrote an entire post about the evil in giving the Arcata Theatre a liquor license. That’s not an ordinance, but it is a city concern, as I wrote. Don’t twist my words by making stuff up. The record is all here for you to read.

    As for the sidewalk ordinance, well, if they were obstructing the flow of traffic, they get arrested just like anyone else. I’m not allowed to park my car in the middle of the street, nor should I be allowed to park my butt in the middle of the sidewalk. Such ordinances do not targeting the homeless. It’s you insinuating that the homeless are abusing other citizens in Arcata. I find your tact and assault against the homeless to be downright insulting.

  7. the PLAZOID Says:

    Thank you, Captain, for your prompt reply. However, I really wish that you would READ THE ARTICLES before commenting.

    Arcata’s problem with drunken and destructive behaviour is not specific to homeless people – IN FACT, most drunken and destructive behaviour is most likely done by housed people. To ASSUME that any mention of drunken behaviour applies only to homeless people, AS YOU HAVE, is prejudiced. Hence, your confusion.

    In the future, please take the time to READ the article before posting a comment. Thank you.

  8. Captain Ottinger Says:

    Sigh. I have read the articles. I have replied based on your own commentary. Because you continue to stonewall and ignore my comments I must conclude you write your replies to my comments before I’ve finished writing my own. You are the Mad Libs of bloggers. Once again, kudos.

  9. the PLAZOID Says:

    In response to your comment: “As for the sidewalk ordinance, well, if they were obstructing the flow of traffic, they get arrested just like anyone else.” Are you serious?
    I mean, really, you’re kidding me right? Just a little joke, like humor, or something like that?

    I’m not even paraphrasing your words! Look – exact quote! I guess that’s my respone to: “Don’t twist my words by making stuff up. The record is all here for you to read.”

  10. the PLAZOID Says:

    And if you DO indeed take the time to READ what has been written, you might find that you are capable of making sensible comments.
    I believe in you, Cap’n. You just need to try a little bit harder.

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