send your email to the Plazoid!!!

email comments and story ideas, etc., to the PLAZOID at:

2 Responses to “send your email to the Plazoid!!!”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Man, the Plazoid is ‘da bomb’. I get all my local issues in a creative and unbiased format from the Plazoid. As opposed the the Arcata Lie, the Northcoast Urinal, the HSU Lumberquack, and the Times Sub-Standard, the Plazoid makes me feel right at home with thoughtful, artistic alternative perspectives that are so hard to come by in this thought-police society of fascist wanna-be illuminatists. Thank you plazoid, you make my world a brighter place while giving a voice to those with a boot on their necks! And give a big pat on the back from that Biome guy. He really knows how to breath in and out.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    I really love how the Plazoid calls citizens “bigots” and the police “nazis.” This is really creative, and I think we should start using these terms more often. Perhaps when we say hi to our neighbors we should say, “yo, wahta’s up bigot,” and they’ll respond, “hey nazi, how’s it going yo!” Yeah, that would make the world a better place:)

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